14th November 2020 Cabaret des Péchés, Brno

Second year
Czech Exotic
Open 2020

14th November 2020 Cabaret des Péchés, Brno
mistrovství české republiky v pole-dance

About the competition


A unique competition held in the Czech Republic where you can show your art on heels, either as a solo, duo or a group (max. 6 competitiors). The Czech Exotic Open competition is open to dancers over the age of 18, not only from the Czech Republic, but also from abroad. The competition will take place in two rounds.

A jury of at least three jurors will select 10 best competition numbers in each category based on semi-final video entries, which you will then see in the final round on November 14, 2020 in Cabaret des Péchés, Brno. There will be a jury of at least five jurors including two foreign stars in the pole exotic field.

Categories: Amateur, Professional, Elite, Low flow singles, Low flow groups


Entry fee

  • Entry fee for semi-finals: 490,- CZK / 20,-EUR (for competition number)
  • Entry fee for final: 990,- CZK / 40,-EUR (per solo), 490,-CZK/ 20,-EUR (per competitor in a group)
  • Account number: 2101655785/2010 (Fio bank)
  • IBAN: CZ6720100000002101655785
  • Variable symbol: Competitor's birthday in DDMMYY format
  • Includes your name and category in the note

For more information see the Czech Exotic Open 2020 Competition Rules.

Important terms

31.08.2020Application deadline
31.08.2020 Entry fee deadline
14.09.2020 Semi-final results release
21.09.2020 Entry fee for finals deadline
26.10.2020 Deadline for sending the final music
1.11.2020   Publication of the list of competitors in the order
14.11.2020 Competition day

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